The Approach

The 3 Strand


We leverage our collective experience, industry relationships, applied knowledge, and pragmatic innovation to career advancement for our NFL clients.

Through tireless and proactive innovation, a relentless mindset, and an unwavering resolve to utilize and leverage every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual gift we have been given, we always find a way.

We appreciate the profound importance of the genuine relationships we cultivate in our professional and personal lives.

We continually look for ways to live an open-handed life, to give more than we receive with our time, talent, and treasure, so that we may uplift, support, nurture, and protect our clients and team members in times of need. Our word is our bond. We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it.

We incorporate and imbue the three strands of:







in every task and endeavor we undertake.

The Services

We provide our clients with an extensive array of services and support which include the following:


Contract Negotiation

Over the past two decades, we’ve had the privilege of negotiating contracts for over 100 NFL players and a growing number of NFL executives and coaches.


Career Development, Advancement, and Support

We continually gather information and align our clients with top industry professionals, cutting-edge resources, and proprietary methodologies to help them take the next step in their NFL careers.


Strategic Networking

We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of the relationships and reputation we have painstakingly built throughout the NFL and across a wide variety of business sectors. These relationships empower, enrich, and protect our clients during the course of their NFL careers and beyond.


Legal Services

We provide high-level legal representation for our clients in the drafting, review, markup, and negotiation of all types of agreements.


Content Production

We create compelling and dynamic content for our clients to increase brand awareness among their fan base, raise awareness for meaningful causes, and create leverage for more lucrative marketing deals.


Brand Development and Public Relations

Our marketing group has closed millions of dollars’ worth of marketing deals with up-and-coming brands for iconic NFL players.

The Value


We add value, empower, and protect our clients at every stage of their NFL careers through:

Relationship Enrichment, Empowerment, and Protection

Through nuanced and strategic networking, we’ve cultivated relationships in a wide variety of sectors to empower, enrich, elevate, and protect our clients at every stage of their NFL careers.

Industry Information and Feedback

We leverage our industry relationships to gather credible feedback and survey the professional landscape to help our clients advance in their NFL careers.

Proprietary Methodologies, Resources, and Partnerships

We offer our clients access to cutting-edge partnerships and resources including stem cell therapy, biomechanical testing, and blood biomarkers. We never stop looking for innovative and groundbreaking ways to prolong and protect their careers and ensure their long-term health and safety.

High-Level Legal Representation and Communication

We offer expert drafting, review, and markup of all types of agreements for our clients at no additional cost, while high-level communication skills allow us to present and frame our clients in the most favorable light in contract negotiations, NFL team communications, and sponsor pitches.

Cutting-Edge Creative

We have the in-house expertise, experience, and resources to produce cinematic-quality content and gallery-style graphics for our clients, all of which can be leveraged for organic brand development and ambassador partnerships.